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New Self-Service Payment Solutions with NMI

Self-Service Payment Solutions

The New “Self” Range of Ingenico Readers/Pinpads

HWE will be stocking the soon-to-be-released Ingenico Self series of unattended payment devices – the most comprehensive family of card readers and PIN entry devices.

The range comprises four new devices with features designed to meet every unattended payment use-case across vending and ticketing machines, parking paystations, EV charge points and kiosks.

HWE’s payment gateway partner, NMI, will be starting UK and EU acquirer certification shortly, with a view to supporting the whole range with its payment software development kit (SDK) for Windows and Linux. The Self range solutions are targeted at specific industry vertical use-cases, yet since they use the Ingenico Telium Tetra OS platform, the same NMI device SDK can be used for all, meaning a much simpler integration process.

Self 2000 Self/2000

  • Contactless Payment (Card/Apple Pay/Google Pay)
  • Bright graphic-capable display
  • Highly weather resistant (IP65)
  • Uses: Vending, EV charging, carwash & parking
Self 4000 Self/4000

  • Contact payment with PIN-on-Glass
  • Contactless payment (Card/Apple Pay/Google Pay)
  • For low and high value vending, kiosk, & fuel sales
Self 7000 & 8000 Self/8000 & 7000

  • Contact payment with PIN
  • Contactless payment
  • Rugged metal construction (IK10)
  • For high value vending, on and off-street parking, fuel pumps, transportation ticketing