Ingenico SELF 7000 & 8000

Ingenico SELF 7000 & 8000

Ruggedized and secure configurations, built for outdoor and intensive use cases. The next generation unattended flagship from Ingenico, SELF 7000 & 8000

The SELF 7000 & 8000 configuration allows easy and secure integration of cashless payments into self-service solutions, while providing an intuitive consumer experience through an easy-to-use interface. Designed for outdoor and extreme environments, the SELF 8000 (Combined PINpad & Contactless) boasts IP65 and IK10 rating while the SELF 7000 (Insert card reader) has IP44 & IK10+ rating. The SELF 7000 & 8000 configuration is the first self-service configuration to be PCI PTS v6 certified. The in-house hybrid reader entry mouth is secured by RGB LEDs, metal shutter & a sensor, while the PIN entry device includes a presence detector to detect skimmer insertion.

SELF 7000 & 8000
SELF 8000


Combined PINpad & Contactless Module

IP65 / IK10 – SELF 8000

IP44 / IK10+ – SELF 7000

2.5″ IPS Colour Display

EVA Standard – SELF 8000

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