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End of Life Notification for Ingenico PTS V4 Products

iSelf v4

Ingenico have issued notification of their key dates for the end of life for their PIN Transaction Security (PTS) Version 4 devices (iSelf Series and iUC285 products).

Key Milestones

Last orders to Hemisphere West Europe Ltd: 30th June 2022
Last delivery of devices to you: 31st December 2022
Last day of support from Ingenico: 31st December 2027
Final date for new deployment of the PTS V4 devices: 30th April 2023

Key Information

  • In line with the PCI Council’s mandate, devices designated as PTS V4 have a last new merchant deployment date of the 30th April 2023. As such Ingenico have announced the last production dates of the devices you are currently using, together with their final delivery date to HWE.
  • This does not mean your existing deployments will cease operating come the 30th April, only that new MID’s and deployments are no longer permitted.
  • Each PTS version has a 3 year end of life date, so PTS V4 is the 30th April 2023, PTS V5 is 30th April 2026 and PTS V6 is 30th April 2029 and the withdrawal of the products can therefore be planned for and are a normal activity for payment device manufacturers.

New (replacement) devices key information

  • iSelf Series (IUP250, IUR250, IUC150b) will become the Self 7000 (card reader) and Self 8000 (all in one pin entry and contactless reader).
  • Same cut outs and mounting points as the present Pin Pad and Card Reader (V3 and V4).
  • Anti-removal switches have been removed.
  • Changes to the commissioning process will be introduced.
  • New cabling will be introduced.
  • iUC285 will have 2 replacement options; Self 2000 (contactless only) & Self 4000 (same design) but including a physical pin pad.
  • Mounting is different.

Next steps

Your payment gateway (NMI) are also aware of the end of life notification and planning for certification of the new devices is underway, together with considerations to PCI P2PE and software versions. More will follow on dates once progressed. Sample devices will be available during 2022 as well as manuals and 3-D drawings to minimise your impact.

We are here to help and answer any questions you may have, please contact us to discuss your options.