Knowledge Centre P2PE

We pride ourselves on knowing the ins and outs of what we provide, not only giving expert advice and guidance but having a vast range of product knowledge to give you the best possible experience in payment solutions.

We have created our centre to share some of our knowledge across a range of our products to help with any questions you may have. This may also assist you in helping you choose a suitable product from our catalogue.

HWE has been assessed and approved by a P2PE Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) as meeting all the standards required to stock and distribute devices in this manner.

HWE are an approved point-to-point encryption hardware distributor for Ingenico products.

What are the benefits of Point-to-Point Encryption?

You will qualify for a reduced assessment via the PCI P2PE Self-assessment questionnaire which is greatly reduced from the non Point-to-point encryption Self-assessment questionnaire, thereby reducing the time and cost spent ensuring PCI compliance.

No cardholder data will be held within your network in un-encypted form reducing the risk of a data breach and any associated fines and loss of reputation costs.

Strict controls on the payments devices that have a proven “chain of custody” ensuring only authorized suppliers are involved in the supplier chain.

What’s different with Point-to-Point Encryption solution?

The Pin Entry devices (PED’s) will have been key injected in a secure facility and stocked at an approved location, only approved distributors can supply these devices.

You must comply with the requirements of the solution providers Point to Point Encryption Manual (PIM), this ensures devices are only sourced from approved sources and outlines the controls and checks the merchant must comply with.

What happens during a P2PE transaction?

When a card is inserted into a P2PE pinpad the card data is securely encrypted and then transmitted over the network to the payment gateway and acquirer. Once received by the payment gateway it is decrypted in a secure data zone and passed to the acquirer for processing thereby ensuring no cardholder data is exposed at any time in the merchant’s network.

How can HWE help you find a P2PE solution?

We partner with NMI who provide a PCI validated P2PE solution, working with HWE, NMI and our Acquirer partners we can provide a complete P2PE solution.

Only PCI validated P2PE solutions will reduce the scope of your PCI assessment, you can check this on the PCI website at only solutions listed here have been PCI validated.