Gemalto CR100 Document Reader

CR100 Document ReaderThe Gemalto CR100 Document Reader acquires the codeline data from Machine Readable Travel Documents (MRTDs) and other identity documents.

Key benefits are:

  • Small size
  • Fast and accurate data capture
  • Easy to use either left or right handed
  • Desk mount or Keyboard/LCD/ laptop attachment using double sided fasteners
  • Bespoke bracket mount options for shelves and mobile devices
  • Applicable to banking, border control, law enforcement, transportation, hotel, car hire and retail markets
  • Perfect for registration, enrolment and duty-free applications
  • USB 2.0 output
  • USB powered (no power supply), single interface cable (2m or 15cm options at time of purchase)
  • B900 infrared illumination
  • Desktop mount for stable, non-slip swiping (optional, user installable)
  • Can be attached to a keyboard, LCD or other device/mounting using 3M™ Ducal Lock™ fasteners
  • Windows® XP, Windows Vista®, Windows® 7 and Linux® compatible
  • Bi-directional swiping
  • Cable exit points are user chargeable
  • Read success is shown using a red, green, blue LED indicator
  • VCOMM interface for RTE6701 compatibility (other interfaces available)
  • Customer can design bespoke brackets, using dual screw fixing
  • OEM and integrators options available

Download the Gemalto CR100 Document Reader product brochure