IPC-1 Interface

IPC-1 Interface Transforms your PC into a complete MDB Host system

The Intelligent Protocol Communicator (IPC) series is a set of products designed to solve many of the connection and interface problems found in nowadays automated payment systems.

No matter your money validating device utilizes an output format of a Simple Pulse, Dry relay contacts, a Parallel or Binary output, a MEI™ EBDS serial port, an ITL SSP® port, a NAMA® MDB / ICP daisy-chained bus system or the ccTalk bidirectional serial data line, IPC validates them all.

IPC-1 : Key features

  • USB 2.0 full speed connectivity
  • Industrial standard controller chipset supports OSes such as: Windows 98, Me, 2K, XP, Vista, Linux, Mac OS 8, 9, X and more
  • SDKs and Drivers for software developers
  • Easy to use Moneyflex developed K1 Protocol
  • A patent pending PC Supervisory System that monitors your PC and OS so that they will not go out of control
  • A programmable General Purpose Relay Contact for external device switching
  • Dual currency device input ports for bill / coin acceptor and MDB peripherals
  • A full version of NAMA® MDB / ICP host port for advance users [open mode]
  • An auto MDB host control for automatic operations [controller mode]
  • A versatile Pulse / Parallel / Binary input port to connect to a bill or coin acceptor 1.2

Download the IPC-1 Interface product brochure