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Test Credit, Debit & Contactless Cards

Test cards enable basic transaction testing of leading card brands. They are configured to allow testing of different PIN scenarios. HWE can provide a pack of 3 cards containing Maestro, Visa Credit and PayPass contactless. The test cards should only be used in a Test/ Training environment for basic transaction/ confidence testing and transaction purposes.

How will you benefit from using Test Cards?:

  • Enables a user to perform quick Confidence Tests on chip & contactless card devices.
  • Enables typical chip card transactions through terminals to assist with system integration and hardware testing.
  • Gives the user 3 different types of test cards to use, no need to use personal cards while testing.

Frequently asked questions:

Are these live or test cards?
The cards contain test keys only and should only be used with a Test or in a training environment.

Can I block the PIN?
The cards have PIN values configured for PIN validation successful, Invalid PIN, blocked PIN. The PIN is not actually blocked, it is simulated, hence cards can be re-used for further testing.

Download the test cards product brochure