OTI – On Track Innovations

OTI Uno-6

Ultra-compact and cost effective NFC contactless reader

UNO’s ultra-compact form factor is designed specifically to meet the needs of automated banking and retail with self-service payment station environments including vending machines, gaming machines, laundries, self-checkout kiosks, access control, mass transit gates and more.


  • Mounting options
    - On-panel mounting
    - Flush mounting
  • Supports USB powered configuration
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Designed for indoor and outdoor installations with IP 65 rating
  • ApplePay® and Android Pay® compatible
  • Communication Interfaces
    - USB 2.0
    - RS232
    - RS485


Communication for vending machines, kiosks and meters

CONNECT 3000 is a Machine-to-Machine (M2M) controller designed to enable communication between machines, particularly vending machines, kiosks and meters via various optional communication methods allowing operators to easily remotely manage and be notified about a specific machine or the entire fleet.


  • Compact
  • Cost Effective
  • High Modular
  • Variety of communication interfaces

Download the OTI Uno-6 product brochure