IntelliStripe 320

IntelliStripe 320 Your motorised solution for both magnetic and smart card applications

The IntelliStripe 320, a hybrid motorised reader, combines the technologies of reading a magnetic stripe with reading and writing to a Smart Card chip in one easy step.

The IntelliStripe 320, simplifies the transaction process, while maximizing data security and is used in, self-service kiosks, vending machines, gasoline despensing pumps and POS applications.

IntelliStripe 320 : Key Features:

  • Hybrid Reader
  • EMV L1 4.1 certified
  • Fast and smooth motorised card transport
  • Dual RS-232 & USB interfaces
  • 3 Track Magstripe Reader per ISO 7810, 7811
  • EMV L1 4.1 - ISO 7816 approved Smart Card interface
  • Support for many popular memory cards
  • On-board SAM slot
  • Dual-Color Red/Green status LED
  • Single voltage (12 VDC) operation
  • Power-Fail Card Eject (optional)
  • Front Bezel Debris Gate (optional)
  • Contactless Card (optional)
  • Flat or Extended bezel options
  • RoHS compliant

Download the IntelliStripe 320 product brochure