Pin Pad Mounts

MultiGrip Pin Pad Plate & Pole

  • Secure MultiGrip plate with friction pad
  • Suitable for Ingenico IPP-350 pin pad
  • Tilting or Non-Tilt, rotating pole option
  • Anti Wobble Sleeve

Pinpad Mounts

Market Leading Solution
Payment technology located at retail checkouts and point of sale counters are reqiured to withstand the rigours of continuous operation by both cashiers and customers. Payment terminals also need to be mounted in a manner that provides accessibility to as many users as possible.

The market leading SpacePole range of payment terminal mounting solutions provides complete functionality and flexibility in the most cost effective manner. SpacePole is available in 3 different configurations.

SpacePole DuraTilt - ING3501-D-nn
The premium payment solutions provides tilt, rotation ease of access and use through the unique design of DuraTilt and MultiGrip technologies, combining functionality, durability and a 5 year warranty.

DuraTilt is the patented technology from Ergonomic Solutions. Tested through 250,000 cycles and proven in retail installations for over 5 years without the need for tightening or lubrication.

MultiGrip plates provide a unique system offering multiple plate mounting positions for a wide variety of point of sale environments. Terminals are gripped securely in place with the patented friction pad design and each plate is supplied with an ergonomic tilt handle.

Technology replacement programmes require minimal time and cost due to the simplicity of only needing to exchange the MultiGrip plate.

SpacePole Light - ING3501-L-02
The composite based alternative to standard SpacePole, offers tilt, rotation and fully compatible with the MultiGrip plates. The simple yet functional and retail proven design of SpacePole Light provides quality at a reduced price point, tested through 100,000 cycles and supplied with a 2 year warranty. SpacePole Low Profile - ING3501-LN-nn The Space Pole Low Profile has been added to the Chip & Pin range and includes a 40mm rotating SpacePole as standard. It is fully compatible with the MultiGrip plates however this option does not feature the tilting joint.

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Ingenico Terminal Cleaning Kits

The Ingenico Terminal Cleaning Kit was designed to be a complete cleaning kit for merchant establishments and on-field engineers using Ingenico terminals. The products included in these kits will safely and quickly remove air pollutants, dirt, oils and other contaminants that inevitably migrate onto and into terminals

Benefits of using a Terminal Cleaning Kit The Terminal Cleaning Kit is designed specifically to remove pollutant build-up from the read mechanisms, chassis and keypads of all types of Ingenico terminals. When this build-up is regularly removed, as a preventive maintenance regime, it will aid in:

  • Prolonging the life of the card reader
  • Reducing Keystroke errors from sticky keys
  • Reducing manual entries
  • Maintaining the speed and efficiency of the terminal
  • Maintaining Customer satisfaction

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Ingenico iUP250 Privacy Shields

We can offer 2 different iUP250 privacy shields, Standard and Standard with lighting. For the shield with lighting, the power cable inserts directly in to the iUP pin pad.

See to the right for an example of pin shield integration. Please note the shield is black in colour.

Dimensions of Privacy Shield (mm):
H 143 x W 126 x D 74.5

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