X5 Flexi Hopper

X5 Flexi Hopper Five different possible functions. Easy conversion and implementation

X5 Pay-Out
Hopper suitable for any kind of coin-set or token.

X5 Evo
Its main feature is that it inductively and optically differentiates between outgoing coins, thus automatically finding the correct change from coins of different values.

X5 DPO – Dynamic Pay-Out
Quick and dynamic payout with cash kept in a currency box, ready for use. Coins are issued in three different configurations and positions.

X5 In Out
Easy cash-flow management both for coin insertion and change giving operations. CC-Talk interface for coin handling available, with different typologies and perfectly adaptable. Money handling is electronically controlled, which fits well with change giving machines, automatic cash machines and slot machines.

X5 CCS – Coins Counter and Sorter
Coin counting and sorting function. Original size and functionality allows for coin counting and sorting in four different outputs. Suitable for coin-recycling devices.

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