EMP 8x0.xx v7 Coin Selector

EMP 8x0 xx v6 Coin Selector The electronic coin selector 8x0.xx v7 was developed to be able to connect the coin selector directly to the USB port of the PC. Current consumption has been optimized to the extend that the coin selector can draw the necessary power via the USB-Bus. Optional a 12 volts power supply (N789) can be used, if the specified power supply for USB-Bus of 500 mA cannot be guaranteed by the PC or a connected HUB.

When installing the USB coin selector a virtual serial interface needs to be set up under Windows® which allows communication between EMP 8x0.14 and PC. The ccTalk protocol is used for this communication. Thus existing solutions for ccTalk coin selectors can be adapted to the EMP 8x0.14 easily.

The EMP 8x0.14 v6 can also be operated via the serial standard ccTalk-interface in this case power supply (8 to 16 volts) is generated via the ccTalk connector.

EMP 8x0.14 v6 Coin Selector : key features

  • Direct connection to PC via integrated USB-interface
  • Communication via ccTalk Protocol
  • Delivery includes USB cables

Download the EMP 8x0.xx v7 Coin Selector product brochure