EMP 780 v5 Coin Selector

EMP 780 v5 Coin Selector The electronic coin selector EMP 780 v5 is the No. 1 choice for all vending and gaming requirements where quality and security are the prime concerns. The coin sorter directs the coins separately into 4 tubes, one main cash box and return shaft. A special feature for the recognition of bi-colour coins complements an already perfected coin acceptance. Monitoring functions incorporated ensure a perfect coin sorting and offer the highest degree of security against manipulation. Any attempt at manipulation or system failure will be signalled to the machine controller. Alarm signals can be also provided via the parallel interface.

EMP 780 v5 Coin Selector : key features

  • with flash technology
  • enhanced measurements
  • 32 channels
  • cloning function
  • teachmode function optional
  • 6-way integral sorter
  • battery operation optional
  • stepper version
  • parallel or serial interface

Download the EMP 780 v5 Coin Selector product brochure