Currenza C² Changer

Currenza C2 ChangerThe Ultimate Coin Management Solution

Proven Reliability

  • Patented sensor system taking 40 measurements of coin parameters
  • Unique Payout Redundancy Protection (PRP) System eliminates down time due to dispenser jam
  • Reliable operation at the most extreme environmental conditions
  • Water penetration protection of internal components

Maximize Profits

  • 3 independent payout motors for 6 coin tubes -reduces down time
  • 6 coin per second payout minimizes transaction times
  • Huge range of payout configurations available to optimize the number of vends
  • Fast configuration and updates of multiple units using HENRI setting module
  • High capacity 6 tubes virtually eliminate exact change situations
  • Easy and fast access to sorting area for easy cleaning
  • The bright, easy to read graphics display notifies drivers of issues

Coin Management

  • Multiple float modes to optimize the amount of change in machine
  • Industry’s highest capacity replenishing 6 tube changer
  • Multiple par options to provide the flexibility you need
  • User friendly intuitive menu structure for easy individual configuration
  • Suggests optimal coin tube configuration based on site use data

Download the Currenza C² Changer product brochure