CH800 / EMR100 Coin Acceptor

CH800 Coin AcceptorThe complete coin handling solution for indoor and outdoor machines

Consists of three components in one chassis:

  • electronic anti-pin system
  • electronic coin selector
  • escrow

CH 800

The chassis units offer a unique coin-handling solution. The main difference between the models is how the coin reject of the coin selector is activated. Being a complete unit it is simple to install – just mount the CH 800 into the machine.

Electronic anti-pin system
We offer three options: ES 003.S (standard), ES 003.F (with anti-strimming) or ES 003.A (self-activating).

Electronic coin selector
Standard solution incorporates the EMP 820.xx. Alternatively the EMP 860.xx can be offered. This coin selector opens completely upon
reject (coin jams removed more easily).

Choice between a solenoid-driven (E 108) or motor-driven (E 105) escrow.

EMR 100

The motor reject is designed for applications in conjunction with electronic coin selectors from the EMP 800 series (models 820, 830,
840, 860, 870, 880). Due to the low current consumption of this motor reject, it may also be adopted to battery-operated machines.

The motor reject is driven by a direct current motor. The home position is detected with the help of a micro switch. A protection circuit is
on the back of the motor in order to secure the motor and the micro switch against wrong polarity or overload (electronic motor brake).

Download the CH800 / EMR100 Coin Acceptor product brochure