Global Bill Acceptor ST2

GBA ST2The popular Global Bill Acceptor, GBA, is a widely distributed and accepted bank note reader, which is renowned for its simplicity, reliability and capacity to accept a wide range of world currencies. The powerful GBA note reader can operate as a stand alone, stackerless unit. However there are integrated, stacker options available, to meet particular note storage requirements

As a result of continual and vigorous product improvement programmes, the GBA product range remains at the forefront of BNR technology. In keeping with this mission, the GBA ST2 introduces a new dimension to the range of GBA bank note validators.

The GBA ST2 is robust and reliable, both in terms of it's sturdy, compact housing, excellent and innovative "sense technology" note validation and range of clip-on mounting bezels.

Key features

  • Stackerless bill acceptor
  • Accepts up to 32 notes, 4 way
  • Robust and reliable
  • Parallel, Pulse, Serial, MDB & ccTalk interfaces
  • Multiple bezel options
The GBA ST2 has wide ranging applications in markets as diverse as carwash change machines to kiosks and specialised AWP solutions.

Download the Global Bill Acceptor ST2 product brochure