Global Bill Acceptor ST1

GBA ST1The popular Global Bill Acceptor, GBA, is a widely distributed and accepted bank note reader, which is renowned for its simplicity, reliability and capacity to accept a wide range of world currencies.

The GBA ST1 offers a compact, vertical up or down note stacking solution, particularly designed to suit the vending industry. It is a global product, which can be used in all international markets with the snap-change of a note guide. The note cassette can be easily removed and replaced. Optionally, the cassette may also be locked.

With a new, technologically advanced note validation platform, the GBA ST1 is an excellent and reliable solution for its market place, both in terms of its wide range of note validation and its sturdy housing.

Key features

  • Vertical up or down note stacking configuration
  • Cashbox capacities up to 600 notes with locking option
  • Compact maintenance friendly design
  • Suited for global vending applications

Download the Global Bill Acceptor ST1 product brochure