GEO Gravity Bill Validator

GEO Gravity Bill ValidatorOffering AWP operators and retailers MEI performance

MEI GEO® Gravity™ is a multi-width bill validator that provides a higher level of performance for applications that do not require a cashbox. The product is built upon MEI technology, which is relied upon for over two billion transactions per week in over 100 countries.

Proven algorithms have been implemented into GEO® Gravity™ based on the ability of CASHFLOW® SC to improve profitability in casinos, kiosks, self-checkout equipment and smart safes worldwide. That expertise can now be applied in additional market segments – expanding expectations for acceptance rates, security and jam performance where MEI hasn’t previously participated. Gravity™ is the initial product from the GEO® portfolio.

The stackerless offering, like the entire product family, is designed to provide a newfound value for applications that historically had to settle for low cost alternatives. The introduction of GEO® product line allows AWP operators and retailers to select the right balance of performance and price for every application.

The reliability inherent in MEI’s signature yellow coloring will be evident to an entire group of new customers. And, as always, the MEI value proposition will be apparent with reduced maintenance costs and increased profitability.

GEO Gravity Bill Validator Key features

  • Acceptance of all World bill denominations
  • Ergonomic design
  • Easy to install, use and maintain
  • High performance multi-width stackerless
  • Support for Major Serial Protocols including ccTalk
  • Well-designed, affordable package

Download the GEO Gravity Bill Validator Product Brochure