Cashflow SC note acceptor

Cashflow SC note acceptorsThe new standard for note acceptors

No matter what business you’re in or where you operate, MEI CASHFLOW® SC series can make a difference to your customers, your performance and your profitability. From retail outlets to casinos, MEI CASHFLOW® SC series is the new standard in note acceptors.

Designed to perform optimally in three key areas, MEI CASHFLOW® SC series is equipped with industry-leading features and proven technology that mean the most to your business, because they make the most of your money. And, MEI CASHFLOW® SC series products can be supported for audit, download and configuration with MEI CASHFLOW® STS PC-based support tools.

Key features

  • Advanced Acceptance & Security
  • Exceptional Note Handling
  • Lower Cost of Ownership
  • Superior Ease of Use
  • Quality, Reliability and Performance

The Cashflow SC series of note acceptors is suitable for use in the Gaming, Retail & Vending and Parking & Transportation sectors.

Download the Cashflow SC note acceptor product brochure