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The new £1 coin will enter circulation in March 2017, are you ready?

In 2014 it was announced that the £1 coin will be replaced in 2017 with a far more secure 12 sided bi-metallic coin. Our current £1 has become increasingly vulnerable to counterfeiting. Roughly one in every 30 £1 coins in circulation is now a counterfeit, generating significant cost to taxpayers, industry and the general public. From March 2017 both current and new £1 coins will be in circulation for 6 months where after the current £1 coin will be removed from circulation.

As the new design has been a complete overhaul, material specifications and dimensions have been radically changed. There is a demand for a quick and simple solution to being able to accept the new coin when the circulation date drops. If you have 100's of coin selectors or just 1, Hemisphere West Europe Ltd can provide a service or coin update options so you can prepare yourself and be ready to accept the new £1 coin.

HWE have the facility to update the following coin acceptance mechanisms;

  • wh Munzprufer EMP 800 Series
  • wh Munzprufer EMP 900 Series
  • wh Munzprufer EMP 500 Series
  • MEI Cashflow CF7000 / 9500 Series

From our offices in Oxfordshire we charge £15.00 per unit to update software and if necessary firmware on EMP series coin selectors to enable acceptance of the new £1 coin. If you are looking to reprogram your coin selectors yourself and wish to learn more on how to do so, we have alternative options for you also.

For wh Munzprufer EMP series coin selectors HWE can provide programming software which will enable you perform all updates yourself. There are 2 variants of whEasy which are;

  • whEasy - This is the complete programming tool with power supply from wh Munzprufer which includes the software, desk unit power supply and all cables needed for reprogramming.
  • whEasy Mobile - This is a compact package of whEasy and consists of the software, the Mobile dongle and all the cables needed for reprogramming. This variant is more suitable for travel/on site programming.

Both versions require a PC / laptop to run the programme.

With the EMP 800 Series only v5 and v6 coinfiles will be available from the factory, v4 is a legacy product and is no longer supported by the manufacturer. V5 files are chargeable but v6 files are without cost.

CPI have not yet finalised arrangements for the CF7900 / 9500 range but as the coin size is different on the new £1 coin it is likely a new tube will be required on the CF7900 coin changer.

Please contact HWE on 01793 780461 or sales@hweurope.com for more details.

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